Aesthetic Services

We offer an array of aesthetic services which are non-ablative while being highly effective. There is virtually no downtime associated with these services and you can be assured that we only use safe and effective pharmaceutical grade products like lipoic acid, glutathione, vitamins, soy lecithin and more. Our products whether they are for procedure use or for home maintainance, are free of cancer causing parabens, toluene, ethanolamines, propylene glycol and the like. This fact distinguishes us from just about any spa or medical office as most dermatological products contain many of these compounds. We have a line of hand made skin care products and we have compounding pharmacies produce some of our products that have high concentrations of things like vitamin c, green tea alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, or our AHA washes.

Our carrier molecule is always organic whole leaf aloe vera whether it is for the ultra sound conductor or the electroporation machine. The aromas from our products are always from essential oils and never synthetic fragrances.