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Following a vaccine injury at 7 months of age, our son, who had been developing normally and meeting all expected milestones, stopped babbling and making eye contact. While his eye contact returned within a few days, he remained completely silent for over a week. When he did start making noises again, the only sound he made was “wah.” His precious “mamamama” and “dadadada” had disappeared. It wasn’t until 11 months of age that he started to say “mamama” again, and true babbling didn’t resume until he was over 18 months of age. By 21 months of age, we were told he had behaviors suggestive of ASD. He would line up cars in rows, was hyper-focused on numbers, letters, shapes and colors, was not affectionate toward us and would have meltdowns when we’d try to transition him to a new activity. He had limited (and very scripted) speech and did not show signs of functional/pretend play.

We had a consult with Dr. Bark just before his 2nd birthday. She recommended a few supplements as well as a constitutional homeopathic remedy. We started with just the supplements at first, and saw some improvements in his behavior within a month. At that point, we administered the homeopathic remedy she had prescribed. The results were nothing short of profound. We are still quite amazed to this day, when we think back to how our son used to be. Within 48 hours of receiving his remedy, he was saying 3 word sentences that were expressive and contextually correct. He would appropriately nod his head yes or no when we asked him questions, and he would easily transition from one activity to another. He even started running to the door to hug us when we’d arrive home from work. Our family and friends commented on how he “seemed like a different kid all of a sudden” and “seemed to have a personality now.” Over the next several months, the healing continued. He started engaging with his peers, and his play became appropriately functional. His language exploded as well, with 5-6 word sentences and truly conversational speech by 2 and a half years of age. He still loves his numbers and letters, but instead of reciting the alphabet or counting to 100 when he meets new children at the playground, he now plays with them on the jungle gym, takes turns going down the slide and enjoys running around with them!

We had no idea what homeopathy was before meeting Dr. Bark, but we can honestly say that it brought back the child we thought we lost at 7 months of age. People who meet our son now would never guess that he ever had any “issues.” Our friends and family really enjoy his cheeky humor and are equally amazed at the progress he’s made. He is no longer considered to be “on the spectrum,” and is not only meeting developmental milestones, but exceeding them in many areas. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Bark for all she has done for our little boy and hope that other children are able to benefit from her expertise as a physician and homeopath.

~Katie and Paul, grateful parents in Pennsylvania