The Elegance of Homeopathy

As I was preparing to speak at a conference in Australia on the future of electromagnetic medicine, I reviewed some of my more recent cases of homeopathy. While I didn’t present any specific case as the lecture was on the general nature of all medical paradigms using energy as opposed to chemistry, I did mention the basic principles of Homeopathy along with Ayurveda and Acupuncture.

The simplistic nature of treatment in Homeopathy never ceases to amaze me.
One of my more recent cases was of an 18 month old male who had a persistent red rash in the diaper area, no speech, not even “mama”, would grab food out of anyones’ plate with his hands and banged his head on the floor when frustrated, which was often.

He sweat on his head when asleep and he seemed to not be too happy for too long.

This was a fairly easy case, I prescribed calcaria sulphuricum 200c of which he received 2 doses in total. I informed the mother his rash would resolve within a few days and he would begin to speak within two weeks. I was contacted 4 days later by the mother to be informed of the lack of rash for the first time since his birth and again ten days later only to be apprised of the fact he had started saying mama.

Within another week, he began using a spoon to feed himself and was developing his vocabulary. His mother was amazed.

In addition, the mother had been suffering from chronic mastitis since the birth of the child. She had been in to see the surgeon who informed her she needed surgery to drain the cysts and clear up the chronic infection as nothing was draining and she was in constant pain.

I took the case of the mother over the phone: she had chronic pain, fatigue and had purulent drainage in the past. I prescribed hepar calc sulphuricum 200 c. Within 3 hours of taking hepar sulph, as it is known, her cysts began to open and drain, within two days, the cysts had completely drained, her fatigue was gone and she had no more discomfort. She phoned her surgeon and cancelled the appointment.

This patient and her child were new to using homeopathy but had such amazing results with their first experience that homeopathy has two new fans.

In reality, we saved the mother, antibiotics and surgery, we spared the child several more months or years of frustration as he appears to be a much happier baby according to both parents.