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All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Many patients come to my Evanston office expecting me to perform repeated sessions of lipodissolve for their weight problem. I won’t and I don’t. Lipodissolve is a localized fat loss procedure, not a weight loss procedure and is inappropriate as a treatment for obesity.

The exceptions are that I will treat a buffalo hump, double chin, or droopy jowls on an obese person, I just won’t treat the body.

In these instances, I have the patient return for a one to two hour medical and nutritional evaluation. I examine closely the patients behaviors around food and choices. For patients with eating addiction, I recommend attending overeaters anonymous (OA). for patients making bad choices, I teach them how to reduce insulin levels.

Historically, we were all told that in order to lose weight, calories in had to be less than calories expended. and vice versa. now we know that not all calories are created equal.

When we eat something that turns to glucose quickly, we produce insulin. and if we don’t utilize the glucose, we create storage fat via the insulin. the more carbs we eat, the more insulin we need. over time we become resistant to insulin and keep requiring more to deal with our glucose. This process creates more and more storage fat, or triglycerides.

If we eat half an avocado vs half of a bagel, we have no insulin stimulation although we’ve eaten the same amount of calories that the bagel might have. Over time, when we make smart choices, we become less insulin resistant, or more insulin sensitive. This enables us to feel more stable, less starved prior to meals and our triglyceride production is greatly reduced.

So remember, it’s not the calories that ruin us, but our hormonal response to the calories.

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