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Dr. Bark is currently on an indefinite sabbatical due to health concerns. Should you wish to be placed on a call back list, please email us at info@disease-reversal.com



Zonulin and Why You Need to Know About This Protein

In the early nineties, the buzz word for anyone seeking out alternative views on chronic illness was candidiasis. Candidiasis is an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that is normally present in our environment but is opportunistic and can overgrow when normal bacteria are missing or reduced. Candida was blamed for everyone presenting with chronic inflammation,…

Comfort Food, Gluten Free and Vegan Style

So many patients ask for my recipes and not everyone can make it to my cooking classes. For an easy holiday meal that feels like cozy comfort food I’m sharing my favorite quinoa-lentil dish. This dish, a one pot, meal wonder, is a super easy and really yummy dish without being high glycemic or un-healthy…

Can Oxytocin Help Those With Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

I recently ran into a patient of mine at the local market. I inquired if she was still with her husband. She had expressed extreme dissatisfaction with him during the last few visits to my Evanston office, complaining he was completely selfish. During the conversation at the market, my patient informed me that the behavior…

Organic Foods And The Stanford Study

Once again, the mainstream medical PR machine has managed to infuse a reductionistic and myopic conclusion on a study which was set up from the beginning to focus on distracting issues. The Stanford study on organic food as compared to standard commercial food did look at some important issues including pesticide levels in the children…

Got Energy?

Everyone likes to have good energy. What often attracts people to others is energy: positive energy, “a good vibe”. We are all packets of energy, and what we pick up on when we meet others, is how they make us feel. Feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually is the biggest attractant we have. How do…

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