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Behavioral Health

Can Oxytocin Help Those With Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

I recently ran into a patient of mine at the local market. I inquired if she was still with her husband. She had expressed extreme dissatisfaction with him during the last few visits to my Evanston office, complaining he was completely selfish. During the conversation at the market, my patient informed me that the behavior…

Got Energy?

Everyone likes to have good energy. What often attracts people to others is energy: positive energy, “a good vibe”. We are all packets of energy, and what we pick up on when we meet others, is how they make us feel. Feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually is the biggest attractant we have. How do…

Why Gluten Might be a bad Choice for Everyone

I introduced readers to Zonulin a few entries back. To recap, Zonulin is a protein made by our bodies that creates loosening of tight junctions such as those in the gut, brain and testicles. The tight junctions control transportation of molecules across junctions. An example is the prevention of food particles in the lumen of…

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