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Men’s Health

Can Oxytocin Help Those With Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

I recently ran into a patient of mine at the local market. I inquired if she was still with her husband. She had expressed extreme dissatisfaction with him during the last few visits to my Evanston office, complaining he was completely selfish. During the conversation at the market, my patient informed me that the behavior…

The Skinny on Large Cholesterol

We are bombarded by commercials about statins to lower cholesterol levels. We’re made to believe that cholesterol is a bad thing and needs to be reduced as much as possible. Numerous studies show the benefit of a healthy cholesterol profile. In fact, a recent study looking at muscle mass gain from exercise, showed that those…

Is Erectile Dysfunction The First Sign of Vascular Disease

Erectile dysfunction from non-pyschological issues is one of the first signs of a decrease in endogenous nitrous oxide production. Insufficient nitrous oxide (NO) production sets the stage for the progression of heart and vascular disease in general. The implications of decreased NO spread father than vascular disease. Decreased vascular flow in the brain leads to…

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