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The Benefit of Using Growth Factors in Mesotherapy

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that promote tissue growth. They are the hottest trend in upscale skin care lines. The growth factors that are being used have been shown in the lab to promote collagen generation and to decrease collagen degeneration. Skin is a wonderful impermeable protective organ. Water soluble topical applications to not…

How to Lose Abdominal Fat Without a Procedure

There are two types of abdominal fat; visceral and subcutaneous. While many studies cite the dangers of visceral fat because of it’s association with heart disease and diabetes type two, subcutaneous fat can also pose some dangers. All fat cells have the capability to transform cholesterol into hormones, particularly estrogen, and large amounts of subcutaneous…

What Fillers And Botox Can’t do

Many prospective patients come to my Chicago area clinic asking for botox and fillers in the hope that their skin will look younger. The truth is that botox and filler can make a huge difference but not in enhancing the look of one’s skin. As we age, our skin becomes less reflective to light due…

Does Filler Have to Look Obvious?

Is it necessary to look like a kissing trout or a parading duck after having your lips augmented and having the lines of your top lip filled in? I think not. I notice in my Chicago practice, many women walking around with lips like Daffy Duck. It has become a look that has been accepted…

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