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Sexual Health

You’re Not Really Crazy, It’s Just That Unopposed Estrogen

I have been treating women for hormone disturbance in my Chicago area office for almost 20 years. I was prescribing bio-identical hormones way back then. Giving grand rounds at various Chicago area hospitals on the subject, often taking loads of flack by the OB-GYNs who would attend. Of course, that was then. Now, the OB-GYNs…

The Benefits of Coconut oil and Other MCT Oil

While I am not into fad diets or dieting, I do support creating the right diet for individual metabolic needs. Over the years I have used virgin coconut oil in patients with everything from seizure disorder to metabolic syndrome and cancer. The benefits of virgin coconut oil are many: production of ketones due to the…

Is Erectile Dysfunction The First Sign of Vascular Disease

Erectile dysfunction from non-pyschological issues is one of the first signs of a decrease in endogenous nitrous oxide production. Insufficient nitrous oxide (NO) production sets the stage for the progression of heart and vascular disease in general. The implications of decreased NO spread father than vascular disease. Decreased vascular flow in the brain leads to…

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