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How Carbohydrates, Stress And Pesticides Contribute To Cancer

Cancer rates have skyrocketed, we are seeing cancers in younger and younger patients every year. It has become the new normal. While many experts will tell you if you live long enough you develop cancer, it wasn’t always like this. The focus in mainstream medicine is to state cancers are unrelated to each other and…

Organic Foods And The Stanford Study

Once again, the mainstream medical PR machine has managed to infuse a reductionistic and myopic conclusion on a study which was set up from the beginning to focus on distracting issues. The Stanford study on organic food as compared to standard commercial food did look at some important issues including pesticide levels in the children…

Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer

While the medical community likes to focus on cancer cures, there are those of us who believe in putting our energies into prevention. So many of our chronic illnesses, including many common cancers, can be prevented. Much of our focus is on cures because big pharma makes it’s profits on selling cures and it’s big…

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