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Cultured Cabbage Juice: Rejuvelac or Kvass

Every few days, I put up a new batch of cabbage with salt and water in a large mason jar to ferment for my daily dose of lactic acid producing bacteria. While it doesn’t sound appetizing, rest assured, it tastes a whole lot better than it sounds. In addition, fermenting raw cruciferous vegetables increases the levels of the cancer fighting compound called isothiocyanates and reduces the amount of phytates.

The benefits of this drink are numerous: it is an easy ,inexpensive source of healthy bacteria for bowel and immune function, vitamin production and source of nutrients which are known to heal the lining of the intestines as well as fight cancer and boost detoxification.

One characteristic that sets cruciferous vegetables apart from other vegetables is their high glucosinolate content. Glucosinolate can help prevent cancer by enhancing the elimination of carcinogens before they can damage DNA, or by altering cell-signaling pathways in ways that help prevent normal cells from being transformed into cancerous cells. Some glucosinolate metabolites may alter the metabolism or activity of hormones like estrogen in ways that inhibit the development of hormone related cancers.

The fermentation of cabbage or other cruciferous vegetable has the added benefit of extremely beneficial bacteria which has another set of health promoting benefits and is a wonderful raw and vegan method of ingesting these cultured probiotics.

For an easy method of creating your own cultured cabbage juice link here

Watch for my recipe on tasty ryeless rye crackers using the cultured cabbage from your drink.

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