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Does Filler Have to Look Obvious?

Is it necessary to look like a kissing trout or a parading duck after having your lips augmented and having the lines of your top lip filled in?

I think not. I notice in my Chicago practice, many women walking around with lips like Daffy Duck. It has become a look that has been accepted and even revered.

This ‘look’ occurs because the vermillion border of the lip gets overfilled along with some of the vertical lines. And, If the nasolabial lines are filled completely, the top lip is driven inside causing the physician to then over fill the top lip.

From the doctors perspective, the more filler they sell, the more money they make.
The plastic surgeons have created this extreme look and women flock to it.

Often this Daffy Duck look goes along with huge breast implants and 6-inch high heels.
I believe that hyaluronic filler for facial enhancement should be applied in order to turn the clock back, not to create the look of another species.

Less is more. The results of having filler applied in wrinkles, and in an ever-disappearing mouth should simply be a return to a more youthful look of the person: shallower wrinkles and a neutral position of the corners of the mouth.

There are many techniques when filling in lines, some of the techniques just fill in lines and some techniques actually stimulate collagen production.

When I teach “filler technique” I encourage my students to use techniques that stimulate collagen production and not to overfill lines and wrinkles. In essence, I try to encourage a return to a more youthful look as the doctor-patient goal.

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