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Filling with blunt tipped cannulas

Every now and then, I write about facial rejeuvenation techniques such as liquid facelifts, something that sets me apart from the average “filler”.

What I’d like to write about today is the use of blunt tipped cannulas for facial filling. While this sounds technical (it is ), it can make a world of difference between someone who leaves the office with downtime and someone who doesn’t.

By using a blunt tipped cannula, the risk of breaking blood vessels is diminished, so is the risk of bruising nerves. It allows the physician to make one needle insertion and use the cannula all over the face with the one insertion on either side. It also allows for a pain free experience.

Why most doctors are not using this, is the same reason most doctors are still filling smile lines and wrinkles in place of liquid lifts; patients need to come back more often if just the lines are filled because the filler is placed into an area of motion and won’t last. The patient needs to come back every 6 months or so as opposed to every two years. The wrinkle fill type of procedure also gives patients that semi simian, obviously filled upper lip area, and somewhat distorted features.

The real benefit to a cannula over needle is less bruising and ease of filling deep below muscular structures, safely. Lifting the cheeks, adding padding back into the tear ducts and defining the jaw are all procedures made painless and easy with this technique.

Patients appreciate a painless procedure and they really appreciate not having the bruising that sometimes comes with fillers.

Next time you’re thinking about a “little work”, figure in the safety and downtime associated with it. You might just do better with a more refined technique.

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