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Glowing Beautiful Skin

One often hears how healthy someone looks. What prompts people to say that someone looks healthy?

Most often, it is subtle cues such as texture of skin, even skin tone with a mild glow and bright eyes. Many of these features are interpreted unconsciously to be equivalent with health, vigor and youth.

Proper skin care and true health promote this glow and great skin texture.
poor nutrition with lack of exercise can take away from good skin tone and glow.

Many patients walk in to my Chicago area office complaining of dull looking skin and poor skin texture. In addition to possible fillers, many are in need of nutrients on and in their skin
A great skin nutrient delivery system are micro-dermal needles. This creates deep penetration of nutrients and a wonderful response of increased blood and therefore oxygen to the skin, bathing the firbroblasts in nutrients and improving the skin texture.

How do you know if you are getting all the nutrients you need? How do you know if you are absorbing all the nutrients you take in?

The gold standard is an intracellular level of vitamins, minerals, co-factors and anti-oxidants. This can be performed from a blood test. If Levels are low but you believe yourself to be obtaining ample amounts, digestive issues can be at play.

Beauty is not only skin deep, health factors into looks and how someone fells about them self. Next time you’re thinking of going to a botox factory clinic, think again and come to a clinic where you health and beauty needs are met inside and out.

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