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Got Energy?

Everyone likes to have good energy. What often attracts people to others is energy: positive energy, “a good vibe”. We are all packets of energy, and what we pick up on when we meet others, is how they make us feel. Feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually is the biggest attractant we have. How do we get there?
How can we find our vibrancy and keep it? what are we doing in our daily lives that take detract from our vibrancy?

As I have often stated in my medical lectures; I have never had a patient walk in my office without their head nor have I ever had an isolated talking head without its body (would be quite impossible to walk in). How we think affects what and how we feel, and how we feel affects what and how we think. There is no discreet demarcation between psyche and body.

We make decisions all the time that impact our vibrancy. We can make choices that enhance our energy or we can choose things that detract from our energetic selves. The choice is ours. Knowing what feeds us and what takes from us is the key to living not only an authentic life, but a vibrant one that attracts and positively influences others as well as keeps us healthy and happy.

It becomes second nature to eat the right things when we are aware of how foods make us feel. A ten year study following middle aged people who practice yoga compared to those who didn’t, showed those who practiced yoga gained less weight and had less weight issues in general and this was independent of physical activity levels and dietary patterns. The result was hypothesized to be attributed to mindfulness. According to a study led by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating, and people who eat mindfully are less likely to be obese,. The above mentioned studies were published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

If a daily practice can make us more mindful of how much we eat, can we learn to be more mindful of how we feel from the foods we do eat? Absolutely. While I can’t site the research on this specific issue, I can vouch for my many patients who have learned to change their eating habits and gain more positive energy by increasing their awareness, often thru yoga or a zen meditation practice.

For an simple breakfast that doesn’t detract from your energy, try a couple of tablespoons of raw nut butter and fresh berries with a cup of green tea, this is an easy place to start and doesn’t require mixing or the use of a dehydrator. See how you feel for the next few hours. Do you have more or less energy than normal and does this hold you? If so, do it again the next day. If you’re not sure, try doing some yoga or meditation or going for a run, are you more focused? do you find it easier to do any of the above? Make a mental note or start a journal and compare how you feel after this breakfast to when you eat your normal breakfast.

Watch for ideas about lunch and dinner and recipes in the upcoming blog entries.

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