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Homeopathy, a Case of Suppressed Grief and Asthma

One of the very first cases I took when I began to study classical homeopathy back 1993 was that of a young man who had recently developed asthma.

He presented in my Chicago area office, referred by his primary care doctor as he complained he did not like using all the medications he had been placed on to control his asthma.

His asthma had begun just 8 months prior, days after discovering his fiancee and best buddy were having an affair. He stated he didn’t spend time feeling sad about it even though he lost both his best friend and fiancee. He wanted nothing to do with the two and added that he could not remember ever crying.

His asthma was worse from exercise and required rescue inhalers post workouts. He took a daily steroid inhaler just to maintain control.

Upon taking his history, I discovered that as a child, he developed allergies within days of burying a brother who had been murdered by a serial killer. His father told all the boys to show strength and not to cry as it would satisfy of the killer.

My patient had learned early on to push down his grief. He was an upbeat guy who was a successful salesman, very likable but didn’t explore much of what was going on inside emotionally with himself.

I analyzed the case and decided to give him a remedy for suppressed grief that also fit the picture of his asthma.

He returned 6 weeks later with tears in his eyes stating his asthma had completely disappeared and that he had begun crying about things. He was visiting a city on a sales call, watching a movie in the bar about a high school football team and he began to cry when the team won. He had begun to cry about other things and over the next few weeks no longer required the rescue inhaler post workout. He then stopped using the steroid inhalers and noticed his asthma had totally disappeared.

I heard from him over the years when he would contract a cold as he was fearful the asthma would return, it never did.

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