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Is Your Heart Failing On Statins?

A few years ago, I received a new patient into my Chicago area office who had been referred by a friend of his from his country club. He explicitly stated he would have never gone to a doctor like me unless he hadn’t heard my accolades and he wasn’t desperate (not sure if that was a compliment or insult).

He had been given a diagnosis of heart failure and had just returned from Mayo clinic where he went through various tests and treatments in order to diurese (induce increased urine output) the extra 20 lbs. of fluid that had built up over the last few months.

Mayo was unsuccessful in removing the extra fluid and told him he’s need a heart transplant.

I took a careful and lengthy history (as usual) and discovered that his cardiac output failure began about 7 months into his “treatment” with statins for high cholesterol levels. And, although statins are an acetyl co-a inhibitor, he had not been started on Co Q 10.

His doctor and the medication was killing him slowly.

I started him on extremely high doses of Co Q 10 for a few days then tapering down. Low and behold, he diuresed 14 lb.s in 24 hours and all 20 lbs. within the first two days of Co Q 10 replacement therapy.

His heart was now back to normal and he no longer needed to add his name to that list of patients needing heart transplants (btw, the new heart wouldn’t have worked well either without CO Q 10).

Are you on medications that are causing more harm than good?

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