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Keloid Scar Revision And Lipoma Removal Without Surgery

In my Chicago area office, I see many patients with thick unsightly scars and keloids.
Many of the patients think they have to have a surgical procedure to remove them. And, if they make keloids, they often avoid the surgery because there is a good chance they’ll form another keloid.

Another option for removing these scars is to inject a naturally occurring enzyme called collagenase. This breaks down the peptide bonds in the scar and the scar levels out. Once the scar is flat, an intense pulsed light and radio frequency is used to reduce the abnormal pigment or redness.

It is common to see these scars after a tummy tuck or a mini face lift.

Another common disfigurement that I commonly see are lipomas. Lipomas occur for mostly unknown reasons although they can occur in an area that had been physically traumatized.

Lipomas respond very well to either collagenase, or another substance we use in lipodissolve called phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholate or PCDC. In hard lipomas I employ collagenase, in soft ones the PCDC mixture.

An unfortunate but common location for woman to accumulate fat is in the back of the neck. This phenomenon has a few names: dowagers hump, buffalo hump and protease hump. Men can form these as well,but it is less common.The formation of this hump or fatty deposit can be in response to corticosteroid use or cushings syndrome. But I have seen it in patients who tend to accumulate fat in an apple body type fashion, in patients with metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic) and in woman with underlying kyphosis or rounding of the spine.

The fatty prominence of “dowager hump” is responsive to the treatment mentioned above, but the procedure does nothing to straighten out the spine.

I do tend to address the underlying reason for the hump and try to reverse the process so it will not return.

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