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My New Store

For all the readers out there familiar with my blog, you know that I have kept this site committed to being an informative, knowledge based site. It will stay that way. For those of you who are interested in what products I use in my personal skin and health care, I have started the online store Skin and Chocolate.

The products I have chosen for my store are time tested, hand crafted an all are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances or other potential toxins. In addition to being free of toxins, the skin care is high performance. The chocolates are all raw and low glycemic, sweetened mostly with coconut nectar.

I’m offering dermal needle rollers along with growth factors, hyaluronic acid serums and botanical serums. While I use a 1mm needle in my office, I am offering a .25 mm length needle for home use. The .25 is safer to use at home as it does not require topical anaesthetic nor does it go into the dermis. However, the stimulation of the epidermis and creation of micropores will achieve greater results than simply applying expensive topical growth factors or hyaluronic acid serums topically. Without the use of microneedles, most water based products (serums) sit on top of the skin. Money is wasted and results are minimal. Creamy or fatty based products are much better absorbed and should not be needled into the skin.

The perfumes are hand crafted, multi-note blends created by true “noses”. Only pure essential oils and botanicals are employed, never any chemical fixatives of any kind are added.

I have offered kits of microdermabrasion mitts for face and body along with pure olive oil soaps. These will absolutely be your new favorite beauty and skin care products that leave your skin surprisingly smooth allowing cremes and oils to penetrate and bring a real glow to your new baby-fresh skin.

Please take the time to read the descriptions and perhaps find previous blog articles about some of the items such as the dermal needle rollers, the facial mitts, the astaxanthin and the growth factor serums.

I have offered the products in amounts that make sense for shipping. The astaxanthin is available in cases of 6 or 12, the same with the chocolates. Aside from vitamin D, astaxanthin and chocolate are the only other supplements I take religiously. Religion never tasted so good.

I hope you’re as excited about as I am.

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