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Non Surgical Face Lifts

As we age, we lose volume in key areas. For the purpose of this blog article, I will be writing only about facial aging and changes.

Many patients show up to my Chicago area office complaining about smile lines (wrinkles from their nose to their mouth) and about their marionette lines. Women tend to suffer from Marionette lines sooner than men.

For both men and women, cheek fat pads fall as we age. This exacerbates the smile lines
as well as the marionette lines. A simple remedy has been to inject fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm to fill these lines. However, as the area around the upper lip or below the lower lip requires more product the face begins to get distorted.

A better way to deal with these issues is to inject either sculptra or Radiesse deep into the cheek area in order to encourage collagen production and fullness. This ultimately lifts the cheeks reducing both the smile and the marionette lines. This is a better procedure for patients with more than just a hint of lines.

The procedure can be carried out with topical anaesthetic applied first and with some numbing medication mixed into the solution. The procedure is very tolerable and there is no down time. There can be bruising and minimal swelling which can be reduced with icing the area post treatment.

Next time you look into the mirror and start lifting parts of your face to look like you did, pick up the phone and give my office a call.

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