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Non-Surgical Neck and Face Lifts

Many people walk into my Chicago are office inquiring whether there is anything they can do about their double chins or saggy jowls, short of having surgery. Surgery to correct double chins or fat necks, involve wearing a drain for a few days, often in the intensive care unit.

Lipodissolve enables us to remove the fat that is hanging while never cutting through healthy tissue or creating blood loss.

While many plastic surgeons bad mouth lipodissolve saying it is dangerous, it is all lip service. There is no real danger with lipodissolve. The treatments are standardized, not made up as the doctor goes along, as some would have you believe.

You can understand the threat this is to plastic surgeons who make thousands of dollars off of each surgical procedure and the lengthy hospitalization required.

This is why the marketing department of the academies of plastic surgeons started to spread the word that lipodissolve is not FDA approved. No procedure is FDA approved! The FDA only approves devices and drugs, never procedures.

My patients walk out the door within 30 minutes of arriving to my office, most do not even need a tylenol.

While there is considerable swelling, the swelling is necessary and temporary. I tell patients who are having the procedure on their face, to hide out for a day or two.

The results are well worth it:
Patients look refreshed as though they had a mini facelift without the pulled look.
The jowls that cause the marionette lines are gone.
The fat double chin is gone and no one risked their life by having to have a drain hanging from their neck while recuperating in the intensive care unit.

Often one procedure is enough, but those with severe cases may need a few, as we want the skin to shrink along with the disappearance of fat. In those cases, we would spread the procedures out be two to three weeks.

Next time you look in the mirror and start pulling your jowls or chin back, think about ridding the extra or sagging fat once and for all.

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