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Pure Lipo is Liposuction With all the Risks

There is a new darling of the “liposuction alternatives”, it’s termed Pure Lipo.

It claims to be minimally invasive which is true, however, it poses a death risk from lidocaine toxicity and there have been a few deaths from Pure Lipo across the country.

The need for ample amount of lidocaine anesthesia is great as it would be a very painful procedure without it.

There is also suction involved in the procedure, albeit with syringes and not a more powerful machine as in liposuction but this can leave the patient with disruption of their collagen, cutaneous nerve damage and asymmetry. And, in fact, this is what is noted on complaint boards on line regarding Pure Lipo.

The reason I still prefer lipodissolve in my Chicago area office over any other treatment for body sculpting, is there is no death risk, there has never been a death related to it and the safety record in general is stellar. Patients do get swelling and often some bruising but no anesthetic is necessary, the compound used is bio-identical and non-toxic which means no risk of allergic reaction.

Many plastic surgeons have badmouthed lipodissolve stating it is not FDA approved but this is a word game as no procedures are FDA approved, they do not have an approval process for procedures at all. Therefore, the same negative claim can be made for liposuction, pure lipo or any other procedure.

Liposuction surgeries have declined and many of these plastic surgeons are feeling the decline in income over it, hence the negative PR campaign.

The compound used in lipodissolve is a mixture of bile salts and lecithin or PCDC, these are bio-identical and naturally occurring substances. According to FDA laws only licensed medical practitioners can administer injectable PCDC. But this is contrary to the rumor that the FDA banned PCDC. There is no ban on it as long as it is manufactured by a pharmacy and used by a licensed physician. PCDC has been used for procedures since the 1950’s, has a wonderful track record and has been used for aesthetic procedures since the mid 1990’s.

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