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Skin As The Litmus For Health

In my Chicago area clinic, I see many people with dull or sagging, lifeless looking skin.

There are many reasons for this; enlarged pore size, poor nutrition, disease, inflammatory processes, sun damage and hormonal changes.

Whether we like it or not, first impressions are often the main reason we get chosen for a job, a date, or picked for a team.

People unconsciously gravitate towards others who look healthy whether it’s for a mate, a date, an employee or a teammate. It is not just human nature, but animal nature to be attracted to others who appear vital.

Woman prefer men who appear powerful, healthy and virile. Men prefer women who look youthful, healthy and fertile.

Large pores absorb light and create a dull looking face, fading hormones or poor nutrition can lead to loose collagen and sagging skin. UV light damage and oxidative damage clearly lead to pigment changes.: darker skinned people create areas of darker pigmentation in response to damage, and very light skin develops capillary damage and red spots.

In my Evanston clinic, I offer skin enhancement from the inside out, or outside in.
We employ Syneron Photofacial and Syneron Refirme. Syneron is the industry leader in aesthetic technology, specifically for skin clearing, pore shrinking and skin tightening via bipolar radio frequency and intense pulsed light.

Blood tests that look at intracellular levels of vitamins, minerals and co-factors are the gold standard in nutrition. Hormone profiles help determine what is lacking or excessive, and along with inflammatory markers aid us in determining what supplements are needed.

Look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you possibly can.

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