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After two years of searching for the answer to my toddler son’s constipation and behavioral issues, we feel so blessed to have found Dr. Bark. We have seen around 15 different practitioners, and while he had some improvements, we were never able to solve his constipation and get to the root of his emotional and behavioral issues. We saw 2 homeopaths prior to Dr. Bark plus an applied kinesiologist, a naturopath, a nutritionist, 2 GAPS practitioners, an integrated MD, a mainstream GI doctor, several chiropractors, a cranial sacral therapist, and a cranial fascia therapist. My parents had originally researched vaccine-friendly pediatricians for me and found Dr. Bark. I can’t believe the irony of it all to think if we had just seen Dr. Bark in the first place, my son would have never experienced the damage he did when he saw a conventional pediatrician. We would have saved so much time, money, and heartache. Dr. Bark gave my son a homeopathic remedy, and overnight he became happier and calmer, he slept better, and threw fewer tantrums. We could not believe our eyes. However, his constipation persisted. When I emailed Dr. Bark with a two week update, she said to give my son another dose of the remedy. I followed her instructions, and within a day or two, his constipation was gone, and for the first time in two years, he was having bowel movements without an enema or high dose of magnesium. For the first time in two years and thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of research later, my son was cured of his constipation and emotional issues within 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Bark and after only 2 doses of the remedy she prescribed. He continues to improve the last 2 months and occasionally will need another dose, but as soon as he receives another dose, his symptoms improve immediately. Dr. Bark is extremely astute in her assessments. She asked many questions and was confident about my son’s constitutional type. When I told her another homeopath had us try the remedy she recommended, she was confident to say that it must not have been done properly, and he needed a higher potency. I am so thankful for her confidence and care of my son. In addition, she has helped me with my health issues such as hormone imbalance and prescribed a constitutional remedy. These measures have reduced my anxiety and improved my sleep. Thank you, Dr. Bark, for everything you have done for us. We are forever grateful. You saved my son!



Last year was a year of crisis for our family. But, alas, things began to change for the better in the Fall and kept improving. Dr. Toni Bark is a special friend and doctor. Our daughter has her life back now and we are forever grateful to Dr. Bark.

Here is our story. Our 12 year old daughter, Ashley, is an ALL Leukemia survivor and also had been suffering with daily seizures.
For almost 9 years, she’s been on a rolodex of medicines that all came with awful debilitating side effects.  The seizures were very scary. In our hearts, my husband and I yearned to heal her naturally but also carefully. We didn’t know where to turn and didn’t know if we were looking to do the impossible. Our neurologist was ready to introduce a fourth medicine and my husband and I felt sick to our stomachs thinking about that.

My best friend from high school referred us to a doctor in Lake Bluff who in turn referred us to Dr. Toni Bark. I read her website and knew we wanted to meet with her asap. I loved what I saw on her website. It was encouraging. We knew this probably wouldn’t be easy for Ashley as a lot of change had to happen.   But, more so, we were afraid to lose our daughter by drugging her even more with the antiseizure meds and lots of them at that.  And, they weren’t working!  It was time for a change.  Puberty is here and the seizures were getting stronger and more frequent. Dr. Bark was up for this challenge, and so that made us excited to get Ashley better with her treatment plan.  She deserved to be a kid again.  

We applied in late August for our Medical Cannabis license. Dr. Bark’s office assisted us with the process.  Pam, her assistant is very knowledgeable, sweet and patient with all of our requests..and I mean all of them…emails, phone calls, etc!  We had a lot of questions, as it was a complex case. 

Our daughter then started a ketogenic diet and also did a constitutional homeopathic remedy from  Dr. Bark. Ashley’s response to this treatment was only beautiful. 
The cluster seizures gradually disappeared as we started the diet, and as we started the medical cannabis her remaining seizures DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY!  Last Halloween, she must have walked around for three to four hours of trick or treating.  We are not sure that she EVER did that much continual walking and didn’t even get tired. With the help of Dr. Bark, we weaned Ashley off of 3 antiseizure medicines over 3 months. We are now COMPLETELY DONE with prescription antiseizure meds.

We took Dr. Bark’s Ketogenic Cooking class. It was fun and informative. We plan on taking it again soon. The diet for Ashley actually has helped our whole family.  We are all feeling the benefits of the diet. Ashley started Medical Cannabis in early December and it’s now May. Her last seizure was in December. What an awesome dream and adventure! It’s like we are watching a miracle before our eyes. We are loving life again, and we have Dr. Bark to thank for it!  Thank you, Dr. Bark!

~parents of Surin

Following a vaccine injury at 7 months of age, our son, who had been developing normally and meeting all expected milestones, stopped babbling and making eye contact. While his eye contact returned within a few days, he remained completely silent for over a week. When he did start making noises again, the only sound he made was “wah.” His precious “mamamama” and “dadadada” had disappeared. It wasn’t until 11 months of age that he started to say “mamama” again, and true babbling didn’t resume until he was over 18 months of age. By 21 months of age, we were told he had behaviors suggestive of ASD. He would line up cars in rows, was hyper-focused on numbers, letters, shapes and colors, was not affectionate toward us and would have meltdowns when we’d try to transition him to a new activity. He had limited (and very scripted) speech and did not show signs of functional/pretend play.

We had a consult with Dr. Bark just before his 2nd birthday. She recommended a few supplements as well as a constitutional homeopathic remedy. We started with just the supplements at first, and saw some improvements in his behavior within a month. At that point, we administered the homeopathic remedy she had prescribed. The results were nothing short of profound. We are still quite amazed to this day, when we think back to how our son used to be. Within 48 hours of receiving his remedy, he was saying 3 word sentences that were expressive and contextually correct. He would appropriately nod his head yes or no when we asked him questions, and he would easily transition from one activity to another. He even started running to the door to hug us when we’d arrive home from work. Our family and friends commented on how he “seemed like a different kid all of a sudden” and “seemed to have a personality now.” Over the next several months, the healing continued. He started engaging with his peers, and his play became appropriately functional. His language exploded as well, with 5-6 word sentences and truly conversational speech by 2 and a half years of age. He still loves his numbers and letters, but instead of reciting the alphabet or counting to 100 when he meets new children at the playground, he now plays with them on the jungle gym, takes turns going down the slide and enjoys running around with them!

We had no idea what homeopathy was before meeting Dr. Bark, but we can honestly say that it brought back the child we thought we lost at 7 months of age. People who meet our son now would never guess that he ever had any “issues.” Our friends and family really enjoy his cheeky humor and are equally amazed at the progress he’s made. He is no longer considered to be “on the spectrum,” and is not only meeting developmental milestones, but exceeding them in many areas. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Bark for all she has done for our little boy and hope that other children are able to benefit from her expertise as a physician and homeopath.

~Katie and Paul, grateful parents in Pennsylvania

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