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The Beauty of Radiesse

In my medical office in the Chicago area, I use many forms of facial filler as well as heat treatments such as Fotofacial and Refirme.

For younger women with just the beginning signs of aging, filler is ample for the nasolabial folds. But for older women with deeper creases and cheek fat that has fallen, I highly recommend using Radiesse to lift the cheeks and to promote collagen growth at a deeper level than what a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler would do.

With Radiesse as opposed to Sculptra, results are noticeable instantaneously and last for years. With Radiesse as opposed to HA fillers, the cheeks are lifted which is what minimizes the nasolabial folds. With filler, the nasolabial folds are flattened by the HA, but so is the mid face which makes the mid face distorted.

Distorting the mid face with HA fillers has become the norm, but being the norm does not make it aesthetically pleasing. There are numerous examples of this overfilled look.

Notice how Ms. Sommer’s nasolabial folds are flattened and lengthened horizontally across her face causing an unnatural look. This could have been avoided by using Radiesse into her check bones to lift the fat that had fallen and created the folds in the first place.

When deciding who to see for non-surgical facial enhancement, ask for a consult, find out how much thought will go into what the physician is going to do. Many physicians prefer to sell HA fillers over Radiesse because the patient will be back for more within the years time. With Radiesse, the patient is not back for years.

HA is a better business model for the office but not always for the patient.

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