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The Benefit of Using Growth Factors in Mesotherapy

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that promote tissue growth. They are the hottest trend in upscale skin care lines.

The growth factors that are being used have been shown in the lab to promote collagen generation and to decrease collagen degeneration.

Skin is a wonderful impermeable protective organ. Water soluble topical applications to not absorb well.

Mesotherapy with needles or with an electric current greatly improve delivery of product.

The newest form of mesotherapy to hit the medical spa market is the microneedle derm roller. This is typically accompanied by pharmaceutical growth factors EGF and TGF, often with copper peptides.

In my Chicago area office in Evanston, I employ the use of full needle mesotherapy, electric mesotherapy which has the added benefit of an electrical current that contracts the muscles and tightens them, and microneedle derm rollers.

All the above methods greatly improve delivery of often expensive products that one would not want to waste by just applying them topically.

I can achieve lightening of dark skin spots while avoiding the use of hydroquinone by applying safer water soluble products.

By placing patients on oral astaxanthin which reduces collagen breakdown by 30%
This accompanied by pharmaceutical EGF and TGF used with dermal rolling can not only prevent collagen loss, but can actually promote new collagen growth to the point of filling in small vertical lines.

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