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The Elegance of Homeopathy

Your health is important. And it’s dependent on more than just medicine. Your lifestyle – how much you exercise, how well you eat, and your mental health all play a role in your physical health. Homeopathy is a type of medicine that focuses on you as an individual. Instead of just treating symptoms, holistic medicine gets to the core of what’s causing your sickness and helps get your body to a point where it’s healed and balanced.

Your First Appointment

During your first homeopathy appointment with Dr. Bark, you’ll go through a complete interview that reveals the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of your complaints. After this interview, Dr. Bark will evaluate your situation and come up with a comprehensive plan to get your body healing itself.

Minimum Dose, Maximum Results

One of the basic tenets of homeopathy is the concept of prescribing the minimum dose of therapeutic medicines to help your body begin to heal. This is accomplished by providing patients with the minimum medicinal dose, thus resulting in minimal side effects.

Many holistic practitioners focus on providing patients with one treatment at a time to avoid overloading the body and really be able to hone in on symptoms and treatment. This helps paint a clear picture of what’s really ailing you.

What can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy can treat both acute and chronic illnesses. Acute illnesses, like a cold or the flu, show up quickly and eventually heal or progress if not treated. Homeopathic treatment can help your body recover and heal from these illnesses faster.

Chronic illnesses are long-term illnesses that cause recurrent health issues. The length of treatment will depend on how long you’ve been sick and the history of your illness. The goal of every homeopath is to get your body to heal itself over time.

Homeopathy has been recognized since 1938. Dr. Bark is an experienced homeopathic doctor who is well respected in the Chicago area. Contact The Center for Disease Reversal to learn more about how Dr. Bark could help bring your health back and improve how you experience life.

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