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What Fillers And Botox Can’t do

Many prospective patients come to my Chicago area clinic asking for botox and fillers in the hope that their skin will look younger. The truth is that botox and filler can make a huge difference but not in enhancing the look of one’s skin.

As we age, our skin becomes less reflective to light due to enlargement of pores and hyper-pigmentation in the deeper layers of skin. Both of these events happen secondary to damage. The abnormal pigmentation can be either red or brown.

I have found that the best way to brighten up the skin is to use intense pulsed light or IPL, and bipolar radio frequency (ELOS technology). I can get very good results using LED light, facial ultrasound and mesotherapy but it would take more treatments to get the same results as compared with ELOS technology. Occasionally, I might choose to use one of the other technologies if I need to achieve a specific goal.

There are many med spas offering “fotofacial” but only ELOS technology is “fotofacial”. The other machines or lasers are not IPL coupled with bipolar radio frequency and therefore are either uncomfortable or not as potent.

While filler and botox are temporary, facial rejuvenation is not. Once the damage is removed and the pore size corrected, this is permanent until the skin might get damaged again. I always council my patients on what supplements to take and what to avoid on the skin in order to protect it in the future.

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