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What Patients Say About My Aestethic Skills

I have always taken pride in the natural looking results I achieve in the aesthetic work I perform on my patients.

If you are someone who wants to look frozen in time and would rather have a bizarre looking upper lip than vertical lines, I am not your woman. However, if you just want to look a little lifted and refreshed, with no obvious “work” done, I am, or should be, your first choice.

I don’t like using copious amounts of botox on my patients because I have seen what constant paralysis of muscles does to the shape of the face. I also prefer not to fill in smile lines in the midface as this creates distortion. I do like to rejuvenate the upper midface to give a lift to the cheeks, which reduces the smile lines without distortion.

Here are some comments I have received:

“Damn you’re good!

You know it’s funny, I had 3 surgeons whom I went to to help with the closing of my left eye, offer me the filler on the temples, but after I saw what you did with the mesotherapy, after I had gone to so many people for 3 years asking for help, I knew no matter what you charged, you’re the ONLY person who’s going to be touching my face, and you proved me right again (for once I was proved right…:)

I’ll need a slight amount more on the left side in a few spots.

May as well wait until after the 4th for things to settle more.

I’ll touch base with you then.

Thank you. You’re a gem. Seeing some familiar features after they disappeared makes a genuine difference.
Positive recognition is a wonderful thing 🙂

And, here is what one patient wrote to another patient inquiring about facial rejuvenation:

“Dear Kathy,

Dr Bark transformed my face with Radiesse. She applied the Radiesse in several places on my face. It didn¹t hurt. It looks entirely natural,
and no one would ever know that i did anything to my face, , except that i look 10 years younger! She is the best!”


Here is another patient’s letter to her
“Hi Kathy,

I’m a patient of Dr. Bark’s. I can tell you that I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face.

Before Dr. Bark, I had filler experiences with other doctors 2 times.

Once was about 10 years ago to fill the ’11’ lines between my brows (bad idea….recommended by doctor. He bruised me, and the lines reformed on each side of the filler…waste of money).

The 2nd time was 5 years ago to soften nasolabial folds. Another mistake. He didn’t put the filler where the depressed areas were, and I had unnatural raised areas that served to accentuate my nasolabial folds (which actually weren’t noticeable….but of course that doctor ‘noticed’ tons of things….).

I was hesitant to try fillers again, but I had success with something else that Dr. Bark did to help me, where the results were really good, that she gained my trust. So she did some radiesse in some areas, and she’s exceptional. She spends her time looking, analyzing, and knows how to inject properly (which after I saw how Dr. Bark injected, I realized those other guys had crappy techniques….which showed).

You can trust her to give you a really excellent natural result.”


While there are more important things in the world than facial rejuvenation, if you are going to have procedures performed, choose someone who will take their time and keep you looking natural and proportioned.

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