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Dr. Bark is currently on an indefinite sabbatical due to health concerns. Should you wish to be placed on a call back list, please email us at info@disease-reversal.com


Whole Body Vibration

The ProEllixe Whole Body Vibration

proellixe.jpg(WBV) system is non-invasive and it is the most scientifically advanced method of toning and shaping your body that is sweeping North America. All muscle fibers in the body tense and relax at the same rate as the machine is vibrating 30 to 50 times per second and this enhances and stimulates blood flow and toning of the muscles.

Just 10 minutes a day of the WBV is equal to 60 minutes of strength training and will help increase muscle tone, flexibility, and circulation. Other benefits include cellulite reduction, quick inch loss, core strengthening, hormonal balance, increased muscle tone and improved bone density.



Call to set an appointment (847) 869-7740

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