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Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

The latest fad in dieting has been the HCG diet. In addition to taking or injecting HCG, patients eat a 500 calorie a day diet. The biggest problem with this is it’s a DIET!

According to the American Obesity Association,the failure rate for dieters is well over 95%.
This is based upon research they published in 1959 but also concurs with ore recent surveys.

When patients in my Evanston Illinois area office express a wish to lose weight, I do not give them a diet to go on for a prescribed period of time. I work with them to change their diet, their attitudes about food and eating and about exercise and meditation.

My Patients lose weight slowly but more importantly, they keep it off and have better energy and moods. Often the health issues that brought them to my office improves without any other changes or medications.

I do see many obese patients who want lipodissolve, but this is inappropriate for them as lipodissolve is a spot fat removal process not a weight loss process. Unless the fat is in the chin, neck, dowagers hump or a lipoma, I wait until the obese patient loses enough weight from lifestyle changes before I would consider performing lipodissolve on their bodies.

Patients who opt for diets, always put their weight back on because nothing has really changed. This is akin to smokers who tell you they’ve quit numerous times. Unless one examines the reasons behind the addiction ( and, yes, obesity is due to an addiction), they fail.

One of the many techniques for tackling the physical obstacles to addiction recovery is altering the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) pathway via reflex biofeedback. This technique works wonders and is being utilized for recovery from all kinds of addictions.

Altering the signals to eat once and for all is the only way to deal with obesity.

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