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Why Lipodissolve is a Better Option For Lipomas Over Excision

Most of my Chicago are patients with lipomas, have more than one lipoma and tend to grow new ones.

Going under the knife to remove a lipoma creates a scar and often keloids, while using lipodissolve to remove lipomas leaves no scars.

The lipomas that respond the best to lipodissolve are soft and fatty feeling. the harder ones are a bit resistant and might require more than one treatment.

For the soft fatty lipomas, I use phosphatidyll choline and deoxycholate, for the harder ones, I use collagenase. Both substances are naturally occurring in the human body and therefore do not require allergy testing prior to treatment.

For many of my patients with this problem, I recommend having them come in as medical patients and investigating as to why they are making these benign tumors. Often we can treat the cause and stop the growth of new ones.

Insurance coverage tends to reimburse for lipoma removal whether it is done by surgical excision or chemical excision and covers repeated treatments if needed.

For more information on how I treat the body systemically for this disorder, go to my sister website

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