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Why Winter is the Best TIme For an Aesthetic Treatment

Many patients rush into my Chicago area office for procedures like photofacial and lipodissolve once the weather gets nice. They realize they’re going to be showing more skin and want that skin to be smooth and beautiful.

In reality, the best time for treatments is the middle of winter when it’s easy to either hide areas that are swollen as after a lipodissolve treatment, or avoid the sun on skin that has been treated with photofacial.

I have numerous patients that are sculpting their thighs or arms and winter makes it easy to hide them for the few days they are swollen. Saddle bags and muffin tops are easy to erase but there are a few days of swelling and it’s best to wear lose fitting clothes or a long sweater those first days of recovery.

As well, many patients come to me in order to rid themselves of those dark sun spots on their face, neck and arms. It is best to treat when the patient is neither tan nor tanning. In addition, the spots appear darker for the first few days after treatment.

It’s only natural to think about taking care of bothersome issues when they become obvious, but planning ahead and resolving these issues before they are obvious is a smarter choice.

If you are thinking about any procedure including fillers and botox, it’s smart to plan ahead. it can often take two whole weeks for filler or botox to settle in. In addition, procedures where we are promoting collagen production takes two to three weeks. Radiesse, a calcium based filler, promotes collagen growth and is often used on the lateral cheek area to promote fuller cheeks which in turn lessen the folds around the nose and mouth. But, this takes about two weeks to see its’ full effects.

If you are thinking of having any of these non-surgical procedures, make an appointment for a consultation. In my office, these consults are free for patients and planning a schedule in time for an event such as a wedding or a reunion is common.

Planning ahead is always best and winter can be the perfect time to get started on the road to a better looking you in the spring.

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